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The 2014 election is coming up and we would like to know the public opinion on each Judge up for reelection. A few of the seats in this upcoming election will be vacated, some are a shoe in, and some will be fighting to keep their position. “You be the Judge!” Share your thought about each one of the currently elected officials. Let us know which ones you think should get the boot by commenting below, or learn more about what other think by visiting Judging The Judges, and leave a comment there or take our survey.

DEPARTMENT Q: Bryce C. Duckworth






Anonymous Comments

“Quickly fell into the “Mom’s Rule/Dad’s Drool” Group.”

“So far, I have received very good decisions from this court. “ Straightforward and no nonsense judge. Judge Duckworth will have no qualms in following the rules and statutes in his courtroom.”

Very intelligent, creative and insightful. Definitely a joint physical judge. Court runs on time but has begun to run late here lately. Well read and makes great decisions.”

The New Official Newsletter

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Formerly ” Fatherly Advice”  Newsletter

Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Court

It has been almost an entire year since the commencement of this new judiciary session at the Family Courts, and, as promised, we are going to highlight and present to you, department by department, the actual first hand experiences of attorney’s and litigants who have hade cases
before these judges.

Department B:

It is a pleasant experience litigating in front of Judge Sanchez. In my opinion, she follows the law to the letter.  However, she does seem to be a tiny bit more in favor of mom’s having a greater timeshare with the children than dads, at least for the temporary orders and until she hears the evidence on the case at an evidentiary hearing. She also allows both parties to present their case fully and does not cut off litigants in the middle of their arguments or try to rush them.  This is beneficial to the litigants but can be bad for people waiting to get their case heard. Judge Sanchez is one of the best judges on the bench and I personally hope that she remains as a judge for a very long time as she is doing a great job.

And by another source:
Judge Sanchez treats the litigants in her department with respect and provides each side an opportunity to reveal his or her side of the argument.  The only problem with this department is that it is always behind on its docket.  The Judge usually arrives late and ends the calendar late. I tell my clients to be sure and eat breakfast if they are scheduled for a morning hearing as they will probably eat lunch at around 2:00 P.M. or 3:00 P.M. In addition, this problem has even become much worse ever since the addition of the new departments.
Nevertheless, the results are usually worth the wait as far as I am concerned. Most of the rulings in my cases are favorable.

And by another source:
Judge Sanchez is well read, delivers good rulings and is consistent. She also allows for joint custody, and follows through with decisions.

And by another source:
An extremely patient and pleasant judge who is able to make the unpleasant process of getting divorced as painless as possible. She is well prepared for Court but is also willing to let each party tell her the whole story so she can make an informed decision. The downside to that, however, is that it causes her calendar to get a bit backlogged sometimes and hearings to be called far after their scheduled time.

Department C:

I went to trial in front of Judge Jones and it was a bad experience for me. Our order from the Decree of Divorce was for joint legal and joint physical custody and the mother and myself had agreed to this in front of another judge. My ex-wife moved out of state without the children
because she had no job. She had just gotten pregnant again, and moved back home with her family. She left the children in my custody and I received a temporary order for primary physical custody. My ex-wife was supposed to pay me child support. She then filed a Motion to Relocate.  Though our 2 children had been residing with me for approximately one year’s time and my ex-wife hadn’t paid a dime in child  support, Judge Jones allowed her to take the 2 children out of state with her. The children were stable here with me, doing well in school, and I had a stable job and owned my own business. My lawyers had indicated to me that I had de facto primary physical custody for an entire year, and Judge Jones still allowed her to move with the children. I do not think that this was a fair decision at all and feel that Judge Jones was extremely in favor of the mother for no good reason whatsoever.

And by another source:
My personal experience in this court has so far been 100 % favorable. Judge Jones has always been on time and manages his calendar in an efficient manner. I have never been forced to wait for any extended length of time to have my hearing called. This Judge always allows both parties to reveal their side of the controversy and seems to conduct himself in a calm and businesslike manner.  I have heard of problems with this department from other attorneys and of course, this particular judge’s personal problems are common knowledge. I have never had any
problems with this judge.

And by another source:
Judge Jones can make decisions, but has a tendency to favor moms. He is a great judge to have when using options as he is very familiar with the program and will take no excuses regarding completion of the program.

Department D:

I feel that Judge Teuton is doing a fantastic job since he has been on the bench. Though at first he seemed to be unknowledgeable about some of the laws, he learned very quickly, and makes decisions based on true common sense. Judge Teuton seems to really think hard about what will affect the children when he makes decisions and he really tries to be as fair as possible. Though he has not been on the bench for a very long time, I personally feel that he is one of the better judges on the family court bench even though he has only been there for such a short time. He also has a sense of humor, which is a very nice touch. Hopefully, Judge Teuton will be around for a very long time as a family court judge.

And by another source:
This judge got a slow start apparently trying to figure out what the heck he got himself into as a Family Court Judge.  Currently seems to be a pretty neutral judge for fathers without hesitation to order joint physical custody or treat a father fairly regarding custody. Financially, he  seems to favor the lady’s in his court.

And by another source:
I have a good relationship with this particular judge and personally believe that he is rather intelligent. Nevertheless, I must admit that he is  the quintessential fat and lazy bureaucrat who avoids hard work at all costs, in both a mental and physical sense. It is quit obvious that his  primary goal in life is to merely sit on his fat ass, collect a paycheck and have others do all the work.  Regardless of the foregoing, he conducts himself in a professional and businesslike manner while on the bench, listens to both sides of the issue and is respectful of the litigants. For the most part, I have had good rulings for men from this department. Still, he is quiet lazy. I have noticed that even if my client’s position is the more favorable and his facts are good, I have an uphill battle if my position requires any degree of extensive thought. It is not that he is  incapable of understanding complicated issues, it is just that he is reluctant to expend the mental energy. Also, he is usually behind on his docket.  The Attorney or litigant who finds himself in this department would be well advised to present a position which will assure this judge that he will not have to expend an exorbitant amount of energy in understanding his side of the issue and ruling in his favor. Simply put, do not force him to work too hard.

Department E:

According to numerous reports–anyone should feel very lucky to get Judge Charles Hoskin, as he is very calm, moves his court along without long extended waits, but also allows enough time for both parties to state their position. He seems to consider both arguments before  rendering his decisions. For a new judge, he acts like an old pro, except without the attitude of a jaded know-it-all. Of course, submitting my opinion to a newsletter for the father’s group might raise suspicion that I think Judge Hoskin is a father friendly judge, but that is not the point, Judge Hoskin is a family friendly judge, and a judge who has shown concern about the children involved in these cases.

And by another source:
Judge Hoskin is a no-nonsense judge who follows the letter of the law pretty close. I have noticed that if you have a high dollar attorney representing the other side that attorney may come out with a tiny better result than you thought they should have gotten. Over all, Judge Hoskin seems to be quite fair and is also willing to punish people who have not followed his orders. This is a nice change as most of the judges simply give a slap on the wrist when their orders are not followed.

And by another source:
This judge is fair, competent, respectful of the litigants, hears the cases in a timely manner and seems to be knowledgeable of the law. I have  had good rulings from this department for men and have had no problems so far.

And by another source:
Judge Hoskin is fair, reads well, will follow the law and there is a practical side to his rulings, and he is doing very well.

And by another source:
Judge Hoskin. A seasoned family law attorney who was recently elected to the bench. With his recent extensive experience as an attorney he keeps the courtroom moving by focusing on the key issues and short-circuiting any extraneous issues, argument or commentary designed to disparage the other party. He is always prepared for court with a thorough understanding of the facts and issues in each case. He keeps his daily agenda moving and keeps the cases moving through the system. He’s also a big proponent of a pilot program from the Boyd Law School
where professors meet with parties in an effort to settle cases outside of court. It is obvious that he wants to keep people out of court to the extent possible and simply wants them to try to resolve things themselves.


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