Judging the Judges: Department G; Cynthia Dianne Steel

Cynthia D

Anonymous Comment

“Fifty/Fifty Judge, if you can’t make a decision she will, very firm. Excellent child interviews and has no problem telling you that your position has little to no support.”

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5 Responses to Judging the Judges: Department G; Cynthia Dianne Steel

  1. In the know says:

    Judge Steel has the longstanding endorsement of E.R.D.F. for years in the past and I hear she has it again for early endorsement

  2. BAD MOVE says:

    Not after her appearance at Judge Gayle Nathans election kick off party / fundraiser. Why would a sitting Judge attend a fundraiser for the worst Judge in the history of the Family Court which anyone would consider an endorsement, which a sitting Judge should not do. Bad Move Judge

  3. AA says:

    I can assure you that above anonymous comment is most likely written by the judge herself… She might have wanted to be known as she describes herself above however, my experience with her has been nothing but below average. Many lawyers told me that they would have preempted her, had they been hired by me at the beginning of the case. She is bias, partial and makes a decision before having the knowledge… She often contradicts to her previous statements; worst of all, she declared her decision before the hearing for a filed motion, which is against the universal judgment criteria…

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge should be removed from the bench. She is very bias and truly does not have the best interest of the children in her judgements. She does not abide by the law. She should be disciplined.

  5. Dave says:

    This judge is straight up corrupt. She completely went against her original orders and gave a drunk Father, his son back because of an inside relationship with the other parties’ attorney. Strike one up for the buddy system. Way to go endangering a child for the sake of who knows who. Some public servant. She is all about special interest.

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