Judging the Judges: Department J; Kenneth E. Pollock


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“Knows the law, sometimes a bit shaky when challenged by a long time lawyer who thinks they know more then he knows. Sometimes appears to favor certain lawyers as a result. Needs to stand his ground like he means it.”

“Joint physical custody judge, good temperament. Follows the evidence. Litigants get their say. Generally fair and works in the best interest of the children.”

“Judge Pollock who has been recently elected to the bench, often shows himself to be fair and balanced judge. Decisions are based on facts; but he has at times deviated from accordance with the statues and the laws set forth by the Supreme Court. “

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12 Responses to Judging the Judges: Department J; Kenneth E. Pollock

  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Pollock creates obstacles where there are none

    • kiss says:

      You go to Judge Pollock for a custody or visitation case and you come out with a constitutional law case. Judge needs to use the K.I.S.S. theory (keep it simple stupid) and move on to the next case

  2. J Barragan says:

    Its really sad I haven’t seen my son in 10 months, my ex wife took him out of state, now I have no more money to fight it and she gets away with it. No justice!!

  3. Joseph Barragan says:

    Joseph Barragan VS Beverly Moore,, Beverly was ordered to let OUR son visit his dad every weekend, now she turned her phone off and moved out of state with out my knowledge. No one wants to help because I have no money!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge needs to be replaced! He is NOT an advocate for children in these custody cases. He doesn’t care about how much money it costs to keep going back and forth to court or how many months will go by to get a final ruling. GET RID OF JUDGE POLLOCK!

  5. Anonymous says:

    YES, this judge needs to GO

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Pollock id very fair in his judgement. Doesn’t get influenced by attorneys. This judge works in the best interest of the child! The only thing he needs to be strong with, is take a decision in a custody case that comes to him for child abuse. He moves it to Juvenile court where everybody knows what happens – Juvenile courts are corrupt and work in the best interest of the state/CPS and NOT in the best interest of the child. Cases moved to juvenile courts are sure to have the child put in abusive homes instead of protecting them as J courts are all about covering up each other’s mistakes and using power to make it more difficult for a protective parent to protect the child and have the child removed from the care of protective parent so that no body knows what goes on behind the closed doors in the abusive parent’s home. Plus CPS is a pro at mis -representing the facts and falsifying reports to make them look like what they want.
    Judge Pollock should stay!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This judge has conscience and is NOT corrupt in any way. He can make a human error but not something influenced by corruption. There are only handful of them (judges) that are truly for the people and take decisions keeping in mind the best interest of children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Judge Pollock is a good judge who holds Attorney’s accountable. Attorney’s do not like this that he is one of the judges that stand up to the attorney’s.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Pollock is a good judge. Only thing I ask of him is take your own decisions. Do not throw them on CPS or the Juvenile court or keep the cases going back and forth from one court to another. When you have heard the case, take the responsibility of taking the decision. I have seen judges taking decisions misusing their power – judge Pollock should at least put to use, the power he has been given, to take the right decisions.

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