Judging the Judges: Department G; Cynthia Dianne Steel

Cynthia D

Anonymous Comment

“Fifty/Fifty Judge, if you can’t make a decision she will, very firm. Excellent child interviews and has no problem telling you that your position has little to no support.”

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7 Responses to Judging the Judges: Department G; Cynthia Dianne Steel

  1. Jane says:

    I would say she is an excellent judge! She tries to judge fairly. She doesn’t side with one side just because it will make her look good. She is a very fair judge!

  2. Harvy says:

    Judge steel is a moron who is out of touch with the poeple.Sad excuse for a judge who is lazy and who has a record of sweeping issues under the rug, I do believe she has lost touch with reality. RJ Journal was right to expose who she is. http://www.lvrj.com/news/lawyers-give–poor-scores-to-nine-judges-93258919.html

    • Leon says:

      Judge Steel is one of the few Judges that can see through these vindictive mothers. So I must disagree with you

  3. Zion says:

    Judge Steele does not put up with crap from high dollar attorneys trying to beat up the little guy(male or female), You never have to ask her what is on her mind ,because she will tell you.Good Judge straight forward no bullshit, just my opinion for what is worth

  4. In the know says:

    Judge Steel has the longstanding endorsement of E.R.D.F. for years in the past and I hear she has it again for early endorsement

  5. BAD MOVE says:

    Not after her appearance at Judge Gayle Nathans election kick off party / fundraiser. Why would a sitting Judge attend a fundraiser for the worst Judge in the history of the Family Court which anyone would consider an endorsement, which a sitting Judge should not do. Bad Move Judge

  6. Watchdog says:

    Judge Steele plays games in her court when she feels like it. Father files papers to establish his rights to his child.Mother of child is properly serve and she does not respond. At the Default hearing Judge Steele calls Mother of child on the phone and asks if she agrees if not she will give her 3 more weeks to respond and also gives her instructions about a fee waiver and instructions about filing. Looks like she has developed more than just a friendship will Judge Nathan she has picked up her unethical habits. Time for the public to start filing complaints with the Judicial Commission regarding the conduct of these Family Court judges they are out of control

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